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I wanted to touch base with everyone and share the Natural Pet Food Solutions that I have found and give a little personal feedback on why you need to try a Natural Pet Food Product.

My Quest to Find The Best Natural Pet FoodTripp-healthy-dog

After experiencing my own personal health ordeals I changed to a natural organic plant based lifestyle. I also started to wonder about the commercial pet foods on the market today and if they are the best choice for my fur babies.

I dove in and read every article or research paper I could find. I watched documentaries and YouTube videos. I read recall alerts and read recipes for making homemade all natural pet foods. And what I found was scary!

What They Don’t Want You To Know

Pet food manufacturers are not regulated, monitored or held accountable for what they say is in the commercial pet foods you buy at local grocery stores or big box chain stores.

Commercial pet food manufacturers use the 3 D’s…meaning they use the Dead, Diseased and Dying. The 3 D’s come from commercial meat distributors that have dead or sick animals that go to rendering plants where they lay in heaping piles until they are processed into animal “meal” that can now be used in commercial pet foods.

Because of the disease and bacteria that build up on the decaying bodies these “meal” products have to be processed at very high temperatures to kill the bacteria and to make a shelf stable product.

By making a shelf stable product (meaning the product will have a long shelf life) these are usually packaged as dry kibble for you to feed to your pet leaving your pet in a constant state of dehydration.

The Problem With High Heat Processing

A few concerns with high heat processing are the killing of beneficial vitamins and nutrients and the formation of cancer causing heterocyclic amines (HCA’s).

  1. Cats and Dogs are just as susceptible to the same cancer causing HCA’s that humans are. Cooking muscle meat at high temperatures creates these HCA’s and puts your pet at higher risk for developing cancers.
  2. Essential vitamins, enzymes and nutrients are killed at high temperatures leaving your pets deficient of these nutrients and open to disease and illness due to weakened immune systems.

kittens natural pet foodA Species Appropriate Diet For Your Pet

The species appropriate diet for your pet is the one that is closest to its natural diet, meaning the Natural Diet that they would be eating if they were wild.

Your cats and dogs are carnivores, they want and need to eat meat. Raw meat. And lots of it.

Dogs are a little more forgiving than cats meaning they can have a few carbs (usually about 5 to 10% of their overall diet) Carbs such as brown rice that’s cooked very well, or peas and carrots, or green beans and sweet potatoes. But cats cannot process carbs and you need to be very careful in selecting an appropriate food for them.

Raw natural pet foods provide all the vitamins, nutrients and enzymes that your pet needs including iron, calcium, phosphorous and glucosamine.

Benefits of Species Appropriate Natural Pet Foodvital essentials turkey neck dogs

If you’re feeding the correct diet to your pet they will have a shinier and healthier coat, they will experience fewer allergies and may be free from allergies all together. They will have regular bowel movements and will not be caught in the constant state of dehydration that dry kibble causes. And the best part of feeding a species appropriate diet is less Vet bills and a better quality of life for your pet and extending the life they have to share with you.

My hope is that gaining the knowledge that I have shared here you will take the next step and switch to a species appropriate diet for your Dog or Cat. There are several brands of raw or freeze-dried pet foods that are great products that meet the natural diet requirements and can easily be purchased on Amazon. If you are unable to make the switch to a raw or freeze-dried product maybe you can consider making your own homemade recipes and supplement with a freeze-dried product.
primal nuggets raw dog foodAnything you can do to get your pet closer to a natural species appropriate diet will be far better than the commercial foods on the market today. For more information on a Raw Food Diet check out this video by Dr Karen Becker.

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5 thoughts on “Natural Pet Food Solutions

  1. Hello Pam,

    This is such important information! Most people don’t have any idea that normal pet food is actually really bad for our dogs and cats. It is a struggle to find high quality brands (grain free etc) that don’t cost a fortune too. Luckily this is becoming more common and easier to find and the prices a bit more competitive.

    Thanks for sharing this and hopefully more people will find healthier alternatives for their pets.

    1. Hi Jessica,
      Thanks for visiting my website, and I agree with you 100%. Our poor pets are suffering from dehydration and disease from commercial pet foods. Hopefully we can spread the word and help others. Thank You, Pam

  2. Pam,

    I am also glad you mentioned dehydration. This is especially a problem with cats and can lead to kidney disease. Dry food is not a natural thing for cats who would be eating fresh meat exclusively in the wild.


  3. Hi there, I think this is a great article. I have been feeding my dogs raw food for some time now. I read about the benefits years ago and found that the cost was not a lot higher to feed my dog better food. I hunt as well, so I feed my boys the trimmings off butchered animals. The biggest noticeable difference I found……..POOP! The boys don’t poop as often and when they do it is not as large or messy. I live in Canada where the yard tends to get covered in snow regularly and poop can hide underneath until spring. Since we went raw, I is much less of an ordeal to clean up when the snow melts.

    1. Hi Jason, I’m so glad you like the article, I too noticed the POOP difference, my dog is strictly an indoor dog and he does not ask to go out as often now and it doesn’t seem to be “an emergency” like it used to. I do wish I could get him over to a completeley raw diet but he says nope not gonna do it. I found the cost wasn’t too bad either. Thank You for your comment, Pam

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