Health Benefits of Coconut Oil For Dogs

Coconut oil has many health benefits for your dog. I have used it for my dog and I have seen the benefits firsthand.

Health Benefits From Feeding Coconut Oil To Dogs

Your dogs health will improve with the addition of coconut oil in his diet.

  • Coconut oil is a medium-chain fatty acid that aids in digestion and helps with nutrient absorption (especially with dogs with digestion disturbances) and helps sooth sensitive stomachs and reduce inflammation
  • It can help regulate thyroid function and help with weight management by improving the fat burning process
  • It can increase energy and help stabilize blood sugar
  • Promotes shiny coats and helps ease itchy skin

Topical Uses for Coconut Oilcoconut oil for dogs

Coconut oil has antibacterial and anti fungal properties and can be used to aid in healing minor scrapes, cuts and hot spots, it also works great on soothing rough and cracked pads of your dogs feet.

Use it topically for itchy dry skin, clear up eczema and helps to control odor so your furry friend smells better.

Ways To Incorporate in You Dogs Diet

Coconut oil can be given to your dog at meal time as a topper, or used to disguise medicine so your dog will easily take his pills (this works great with my dog, no more trying to stuff a pill down his throat)

You can make treats as frozen treats or use in homemade biscuit recipes.

For more information on the benefits of coconut oil for your dog see this video by Dr Becker.  Please get your veterinarians advise on how to use for your pet and the proper dosage to use. As with all supplements this may not be appropriate for your pet.





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