Natural Flea Prevention For Pets

Spring will be here soon and when the weather warms up it will be time for those pesky fleas to reemerge and make their way indoors to dine on our pets. And if you are like me you will be looking for natural flea prevention.

Fleas Are Bad NewsBaggy Cat Profile

Flea bites can be very annoying for our pets and severe flea infestations can actually be deadly for them.

Fleas can carry nasty diseases and tapeworms in addition to causing our poor pets to itch like crazy so they are always scratching and uncomfortable.

I don’t like to use chemicals on my pets and I have looked for natural ways to keep those pesky fleas away. Many chemical based flea treatment can be harmful to your pet as well as people. I have never felt it was a good idea to put toxic chemicals on my pets neck or worse yet give them the feed through kind.

Apple Cider Vinegar To The Rescue

One product I have used that has been quite effective is apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar is a safe alternative to help deter fleas from setting up house on your pet. It’s believed that fleas don’t like the smell or the taste of it so it helps to keep them away.

It won’t really help that much if you already have a bad flea problem but if you start early in the year before spring gets here it will help to prevent a serious infestation later. It’s harder to get rid of them than it is to not get them in the first place.

Best Way To Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Flea Prevention

When bathing your dog use a solution of about half water and half apple cider vinegar for the final rinse. This works best as a preventative treatment.

To keep your dog protected you will need to regularly reapply this mixture. This can be easily done by keeping a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar in a spray bottle ready for use.

Just be cautious and don’t spray around the face or ears. It’s also best to have a spray bottle that can spray a fine mist so you don’t totally saturate your dog.

During flea season it’s a good idea to spray your dog before he goes outside this will help deter fleas from jumping on him in the first place.

There are a few natural oils that can be added to the vinegar mixture to make it a little more pleasant

  The most common ones are lemongrass, peppermint and rosemary.

VetriScienceRepelFleaWipesIf you are unsure about making your own mixture there are several ready made natural flea repellents on the market today.

One I have used is VetriScience Vetri Repel Wipes, they are safe for dogs, cats and horses.

They are an easy to use pre-moistened wipe and they are even safe for puppies and kittens.

Keep in mind that animals can have sensitivities to natural products just the same as they can to the chemically laden toxic ones. So please always check with your vet to be sure this is a safe option for your own pet. 

Please leave me any comments or questions you have in the comment section below.

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4 thoughts on “Natural Flea Prevention For Pets

  1. Great information, I was trying to figure out a method to keep the pesky fleas away from my babies. Been flipping through your site and it has some great ideas. Thank you for the information. I will keep you marked so I can find out more.

    1. Thank you for reading my post, I’m glad you found the information useful. I will be adding more home remedies in future posts, thank you for marking my site so you don’t miss anything, Best regards, Pam

    1. Thank you for visiting my post, Apple cider vinegar has many uses, I was as surprised as you when I first started to use it. Just keep in mind it works best to prevent them not get rid of an already established infestation. Since I started using it we have not had any serious infestations anymore. Best Regards, Pam

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